Starting/Settling in

Settling in can be really tough, both for parents and children, so we’ll support you every step of the way.

Children playing in a foam activity
Children playing in a foam activity

We know that leaving your child in someone else’s care for the first time can be extremely emotional so we follow your lead and take cues from your child at every stage. Our team have been through this lots of times (many of us as parents ourselves), so we know that there will sometimes be tears and we’ll do all that we can to reassure you, be it with regular updates, photos or just a reassuring smile.

From baby steps to giant leaps

We start the settling in process with visits. Come along with your child and spend some time in their new room – it’s the best way to start to familiarise yourselves and get to know the team and their new playmates!

The next stage is for parents to step away – it might just be for 15 minutes to have a cup of tea, or a bit longer if you and your child are feeling ready, but we’ll take it at a pace that works for you all.

When everyone is ready we’ll organise some longer, regular visits, and only when we think your child is ready to book in for their first full session we’ll let you know.

We don’t charge for any of this settling-in time, and once your child starts their full sessions we’re happy to update you as often as you’d like.

Key Workers

We run a Key Worker system where each child is assigned to a member of the room team. Your Key Worker will lead on recording development, liaising with parents, and spending quality one-on-one  time with your child to record in-depth observations and help nurture emerging interests.

“Practitioners respect children and take time to listen to their views. Promoting children’s wellbeing is at the heart of everything [they] do. Children have strong
relationships with their key person.”

– Ofsted report | January 2020

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