Parents’ Survey – what do we do with it?

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survey-gifEach year we ask all parents and carers to fill in an anonymous feedback survey for us. This is quite a comprehensive – but hopefully straightforward – online survey that we send out via email and text message, and is your chance to tell us your thoughts about:

  • Our nursery facilities
  • The ways we communicate with you (and WHAT we communicate)
  • Our team and, specifically, your child’s keyworker
  • Our accounts and admin processes
  • What your first impressions of our nursery were
  • The food we feed to your children
  • and, MOST importantly, what your child thinks about us and how you feel about their progress and wellbeing whilst in our care.

Each year we ask the same, or similar, questions, so we can keep track on the different areas and see how we’re performing against each, as we work hard to address any areas where you think improvement could be made.

Here are just a few of the things that we’ve done since our last survey:

  • You asked for: The nursery entrance to be more visible for first time visitors and to be more welcoming.
    What we did: Replaced the signage on the gates and put up a large Welcome to Eureka! Nursery window vinyl to increase visibility of the entrance. We moved the bins from the main entrance and generally spruced the area up!
  • You asked for: The Den programme to be online in advance in order to book days that suit your child’s interest
    What we did: Regularly update our Den webpage in advance of the school holiday to include activities.
  • You asked for: More trips out!
    What we did: We’ve taken children from all rooms out into the community more frequently, so boost their confidence outside of the nursery setting.
  • You asked for: Clearer invoices and to become paperless.
    What we did: We invested in a brand new computer system which addressed both of the above.
  • You asked for: More updates on what your children are doing when they’re at nursery.
    What we did: We set up a Eureka! Nursery Facebook page, where we share regular updates – at least one per week, per nursery room – and photos of what we’ve been up to.


All parents and carers should have received the survey link by now, either by email or by text, so please do take a few minutes to tell us how we’re doing. Feedback is anonymous and – as you can see – we pay attention and make improvements where we’re able. If you’d prefer to fill in your survey on paper, just ask any member of the team for a paper copy.

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