Parent and Carer FAQs

A few of the questions that we are regularly asked by our parents and carers. Of course, you can also ask us in person next time you’re in or give us a bell on 01422 252112 as well.

  • What do I need to bring to nursery with my child?

    Spare clothes – lots of them! And if possible, please put names in them too.
    In the summer we’ll need suncream and sunhats, and in winter we’ll need appropriate outdoor clothing. We need wellies all year round too please.
    We do not provide nappies or baby milk, so please remember to provide plenty! We’ll let you know if we’re running low.

  • Is the nursery always open/when are you closed?

    We’re open from Monday to Friday, but close on Bank Holidays and for a week at Christmas. We also close for occasional staff training days to make sure our staff are the very best they can be, but don’t worry – we’ll give you LOTS of notice and regular reminders of any closure dates.

  • I’ve moved house/changed my number – what should I do?

    Let us know as soon as possible! It’s particularly important that you tell us if you change your phone number, as we need to know how to contact you at all times. If you change any of your details, please let Yvonne know as soon as possible.

  • Where do I park to drop off/pick up?

    There is a large drop-off/pick-up bay in front of the grass outside nursery – drive under the bridge and it’s just there on the left-hand side. Please be aware that visitors to the museum may be playing in the grounds and drive slowly and responsibly, and no u-turns please! To turn around, follow the road around the back of the museum where there is a turning circle – see below:

Nursery location

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