Keeping in touch with parents and carers

We know that effective parent communications are essential so we work really hard to keep you up-to-date, on everything from how much (and what) your child has had to eat today, through to any big events or announcements.

We also know that different people prefer to communicate in different ways, so you may well receive the same message from us via a number of channels, be it posters around the nursery, text messaging and emails, our regular newsletter and occasional messages attached to your daily feedback sheets or invoices. If there’s another way you’d like to hear from us or if you’ve got any great ideas, please let us know.

It’s absolutely essential that we know how to get hold of you at all times, so please make sure that we have your latest contact details on file.

We love it when parents come in to share activities or stories with the nursery children, for example we’ve had parents come in to explain different religious practices, share craft activities, or even introduce a new additional to the family!

Parents are also invited to write a Parent’s Piece for our regular newsletter, or to contribute to the Nursery Blog. If you’d like to find out more have a chat with the team.

Holiday snaps for Eureka! Nursery weekend bookWeekend books

Have you put anything in your child’s weekend book recently? Don’t worry – they’re not homework and you won’t be in trouble if not, but it’s really helpful for us to be able to see what you’ve been up to at home. We really like to see the things that your family love doing as we can then follow up on your child’s interests at nursery too.

Want some ideas of things to put in?

  • Write a bit (or a lot, or no words at all!) about a fun activity or outing.
  • Stick in photos, drawings, tickets or other (flat) bits & bats that you find.
  • Haven’t got a printer? Email your photos to and we’ll print and stick for you.

If you’re not sure where your Weekend Book is, ask any member of the team for a new one.

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