Parent Communications

Effective communications are fundamental to how we work together with parents. We love to talk and tell you all about what we get up to but, importantly, we also love to listen and have an open-door policy for parents. Want to talk to us about something? Just grab us for a chat.

“The nursery is warm and welcoming and practitioners have good relationships with parents. Their opinions are gathered in annual surveys and they have opportunities to attend parents’ evenings throughout the year. Parents comment very positively about the care their children receive.”

– Ofsted report | January 2020

We have lots of ways in which we communicate, both formal and informal:

Daily Communications

Every time you drop your child off we’ll ask how you both are and this is your chance to let us know about any important information and have a quick chat about what you’ve all been up to. We have a book in each room where we note down important instructions or updates. This ensures that essential bits of info are shared across the room team in writing as well as verbally.

When you come for pick-up, we’ll give you a verbal overview of the day. For our Under 2s, this will include our written daily feedback to let you know about nappy changes (and contents!), nap times, plus activities that have made your little one happy!

Key Workers

We run a Key Worker system where each child is assigned to a member of their room team. Your Key Worker will lead on recording development, liaising with parents, and spending quality one-on-one time with your child to record in-depth observations and help nurture emerging interests. You can arrange a meeting with your Key Worker at any time – just ask!

Development Folders

We set up a new folder for every child that starts attending Eureka! Nursery and that folder follows them throughout their time with us. We record developmental milestones in there, photos and drawings of activities, along with next-steps and ideas for how to nurture your child’s development, along with in-depth observations and reports such as the compulsory Age 2 assessment. We’ll give the folder to you to take home every now and then so you can have a really thorough read through, and you can ask to take a look any time you’d like.

Weekend Books

Each child is given a weekend book where you can record any activities you’ve been up to. Don’t worry – this isn’t homework, it’s just a great way for us to know about what your child likes doing at home and seeing if there are ways that we can encourage that play and learning at nursery too.

You can record anything you want in the books – drawings and descriptions of creative activities, photos, leaflets and tickets from days out, or you can even just email photos directly to the team and we’ll print them out here and pop them in your child’s folder.

Eureka! Nursery text messagesGeneral Communications

We’ve also got a number of ways that we keep parents and carers up-to-date on all Eureka! Nursery news:

  • Text Messaging
    We send text messages every now and then to let you know important bits of info – things like confirmed illnesses, reminders of key dates such as closures or special events, changes to our security door code and letting you know about new staff. So please make sure that you tell us if you change your mobile number!
  • Newsletters
    We write a regular newsletter (sent by email) for parents and carers where we share exciting news, info about seasonal activities and important dates. This includes pieces written by parents every now and then, so do let us know if you’d like to write something for our newsletter or blog.
  • Updates
    Every now and then you’ll find notices or letters stapled to your daily feedback sheets. This is just our way of sharing important bits of information or news with you right away, rather than waiting for the next newsletter or because it’s too long for a text message.
  • Emails
    We send your invoices electronically, plus we’ll send you bits of nursery news via email too. We won’t sell your email address on or use it for any other reason – promise.
  • Parents Evenings/Meetings
    We’ll invite you for a formal meeting with your Key Worker at least once a year to look at your child’s folder, talk through their development and the plans we have in place to enhance and encourage their learning. If the suggested dates aren’t convenient, or if you’d like to meet with your Key Worker at any other time, we can arrange a time that’s convenient for you where we can sit and talk.
  • It’s Good to Talk…
    Our team are dedicated to providing excellent care for your child, but beyond that we’re also really proud of the relationship that we have with our parents and carers. All families go through ups and downs, and we really are committed to supporting the whole family – not just the child in our care. If we can help, even if it’s just to make a brew and sit with you for a few minutes, just ask.
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