Nursery Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team work together, taking overall responsibility for the nursery.

They each have areas of specialism - detailed below - but you can go to any member of the leadership team with any queries.

The Leadership Team provide a structure for the practitioners to work within and put in place policies and procedures to enable the nursery to achieve its aims. Together, they develop a culture of outstanding practice, team support, employee engagement and professional development.

They ensure that:

  • children’s learning, development and wellbeing are the core focus of the nursery.
  • children’s rights are addressed and that we honour diversity of all kinds in positive, constructive and courageous ways.
  • respectful, trusting and nurturing relationships are built.
  • respectful and genuine connections with families and our community are built.
  • together, we create a community of learners.

Rebecca ObergNursery Director: Rebecca Oberg
Strategic Lead: Play & Early Years

Rebecca sets the quality benchmark, tone and aspirations for Eureka! Nursery. Her role is to encourage a continuous cycle of self-evaluation, improvement and reflection. Rebecca is the Ofsted registered person and a qualified safeguarding lead.

  • Date you joined Eureka! Nursery: September 2005
  • Early Years Qualifications: NNEB (National Nursery Examination Board), BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies, Early Years Professional Status
  • Favourite thing about your job:
    As I work in the museum too I have a really diverse role which is great, my favourite thing about overseeing the Nursery is seeing both the children and staff develop their skills during their time here.
  • What’s your favourite childhood memory?
    Making mud pies and mud birds’ nests, generally being outside and playing all sorts.

Fiona Young

Fiona Young
Policy and Compliance Lead

Fiona’s role is to ensure that Nursery policies and procedures are at all times compliant with current legislation, OFSTED regulations and Eureka! standards.  In addition, she promotes & monitors best practice, ensuring staff are compliant with policies and procedures. Fiona is the nursery’s deputy safeguarding lead.

  • Date you joined Eureka! Nursery: March 2011
  • Early Years Qualifications: CACHE Diploma in Childcare & Education (Level 3), BA (Hons) in Early Years (Level 5)
  • Favourite thing about your job:
    Being part of the Eureka! family and building good relationships with families that come into the Nursery. Being entrusted to care and protect for the most treasured little person in their lives and being able to watch them grow and develop knowing we had a part in it.
  • What’s your favourite childhood memory?
    Spending hours playing outside with family & friends, using the grass on the freshly cut field to build a fort and building dens in the trees at the top, and being brave enough to jump off the top of the clubhouse into big piles of grass.


Yvonne Sutcliffe

Yvonne Sutcliffe
Early Years Finance and Funding Lead

Yvonne’s role is to lead on the day to day administration of the nursery, including the processing and tracking of the nursery invoices and Early Education Funding arrangements.

  • Date you joined Eureka! Nursery: September 2005
  • Early Years Qualifications: Diploma in Pre-School Practice, NVQ 3 Supervisory Management, NVQ 4 Management
  • Favourite thing about your job:
    The friendly and fun atmosphere. Spending time with the children and the fact that each day is very different. The staff team are very supportive of each other, we are one big family and our parents/carers are such lovely people who really value what we do for their children.
  • What’s your favourite childhood memory?
    Always being outside, climbing trees, making mud pies, sliding down fields on cardboard boxes and making homemade ‘rose water perfume’!


Nicole TowersNicole Towers
Curriculum and Safeguarding Lead

Nicole leads on the development, implementation and monitoring of curriculum content, ensuring that Eureka! is delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage and promotes best practice. She is our Nursery’s Designated Safeguarding Lead, being the point of contact for external agencies and primary contact for staff, parents and carers on safeguarding matters.

  • Date you joined Eureka! Nursery: January 2020
  • Early Years Qualifications: BA Combined Honours Degree in Dance and Advanced Study of Early Years, Early Years Teacher Status, Post Graduate Degree in Childhood and Early Years Study.
  • Favourite thing about your job:
    My favourite thing about my job is seeing the children learn and develop. Children are our future and it is really an honour to be part of that.
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