Meet the team

We’re really proud of our team – we all love working here at Eureka! Nursery and feel privileged to look after the children in our care. Every member of our team is trained in paediatric first aid and safeguarding.

Read on to find out more about our team members, including qualifications and a bit of info about each of us!

Quick Guide to Early Years Qualifications

Our team is highly qualified and dedicated to continuing professional development, with much of our team working towards further qualifications. Here’s a very quick guide to Childcare Qualifications which are usually referred to as Levels 1-6, though there are lots of other relevant qualifications out there…

      • Level 1 – An optional qualification and an introduction to childcare and early years settings generally.
      • Level 2 – Assistant Under Supervision
        Assistants are usually our apprentices, who are working at nursery whilst studying for (or as a precursor to) their Level 3. Level 2 Assistants work in each room under the supervision of a team member qualified to level 3 or above.
      • Level 3 – Nursery Practitioner – Supervisory Roles
        Most of our team are qualified to level 3 or above. Level 3 Practitioners supervise the practice of Level 2 Assistants and lead on activities in each room.
      • Level 4 & 5 – Supervisory and Leading Roles
        At Level 4, practitioners have completed their Early Years Foundation Degree and can take on Management responsibility.
      • Level 6 – Early Years Teacher
        Level 6 practitioners have completed a BA Hons Degree and are classed as an Early Years Teacher.

Where you see CACHE level qualifications listed, this stands for the Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education.

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