Our Nursery Rooms

Our nursery is split into three sections, each tailored to different ages and stages of development. Our rooms are full of age-appropriate, regularly refreshed toys and resources for our children to explore, and the team run regular activities.

We carefully manage the transition between rooms, following the lead of each child rather than their age specifically, though we have given an approximate age range below as guidance. Read more about transitioning between rooms.

Discoverers: Under 2s

Our Discoverers room combines safety and security for babies settling into nursery for the first time, with a fun, stimulating environment, perfect for toddlers taking their first steps towards independence.

Our Discoverers are eager to learn and experience more, so we pack the room full of toys, books, resources and equipment, all designed for toddlers and regularly refreshed.

We help our Discoverers develop in confidence and their sense of self, and this is where they really start to explore a mix of activities to boost creativity – be it getting messy with paints or learning to play new instruments and lots of songs.

Naptime takes place on comfy sleep mats with plenty of blankets, soft toys and cushions available to snuggle up with.

Explorers: 2 – 3 years

Our Explorers are really starting to explore their imagination and to explore role-play as a way to develop their social skills and creativity. We have a large Home Corner with lots and lots of regularly changing props, dressing up outfits and activities.

We also focus on boosting the development of motor and manipulation skills and co-ordination, getting hands-on with lots of toys like Duplo and Sticklebrix, and oversized building blocks and jigsaw puzzles.

Our Explorers are also a lot more mobile and active, so we make sure there’s lots of physical play – both indoor and out – as well as lots of singing and dancing. Messy play gets taken to the next level with our sand and water station. Daily quiet time is set aside to listen to stories and investigate books, and when it comes to nap time this is often when many of our children sleep less or not at all, so as always we’ll follow your lead.

This is also when potty training really comes to the fore for most of our children, so pack plenty of spare clothes, though be reassured that we have lots of spares and that our team are well accustomed to this interesting (and sometimes messy!) developmental stage.

Adventurers: 3 – 5 years

The environment and daily routine echoes that of a nursery school to help prepare your child, gently and gradually, for the step up to attending BIG school. Our main aim is to encourage independence and ensure that your child’s transition is a smooth and natural progression.

We introduce many of the concepts and themes that they will encounter in formal education – in the unique Eureka! way that encourages learning and builds confidence through investigative play.

Our Adventurers take part in regular Forest School sessions, as well as an increased focus on community outreach such as our partnership with Trinity Fold Care Home and the Borough Market, with lots of opportunities to experience the world outside of nursery and build confidence.

We ensure our older children develop an appreciation and respect for each other’s opinions and understand the consequences of their own and others’ behaviour.

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